Company History MTSE

Micro Tracers Services Europe GmbH (or MTSE GmbH for short) was established as a joint venture in Nuremberg, Germany, on 26 January 2000.

The new company combined the extensive experience of Jadis Additiva B.V. of Schiedam, NL, in the field of feed additives with the expertise of Micro Tracers Inc. of San Francisco, USA, in the design and production of an extremely wide range of tracers for broad spectrum of applications.

Managing director Dr. Sabine Artelt contributed the expertise in analytical chemistry to the joint venture. In the first year, the special Microtracer FSS was developed for the analysis of homogeneity with a mixing accuracy of 1:100 000 and for the determination of carry-over level.

In 2004, the Microtracer analytical method was subjected to extensive testing in a comparative study by TNO of Zeist, NL, in the context of the TNO study V 4909 “Investigation into the suitability of various tracers for the measurement of mixing uniformity and carry-over in feed production plants”.

As a result of that study, the entire analytical procedure was integrated into the GMP+ quality assurance system in 2006. The first licensed laboratory of MTSE GmbH was established in November 2006 at the laboratory of Pre-Mervo B.V. of Utrecht, NL, which is now integrated in NutriControl in Veghel, NL.

Currently there are licensed laboratories located in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Spain and USA – and their number is growing.

MTSE GmbH conducts regular round robin quality control tests. In recent years, the analysis of mixing accuracy and carry-over was extended from powder and pelleted samples to liquid samples, such as gel mixtures, liquid pig feed and lick blocks.

In 2010, the quantitative analytical instrument known as the “rotary detector” was re-designed together with mis GmbH of Aachen, Germany and now meets current standards.

Today the customer base of MTSE GmbH comprises pre-mixers, feed compounders, pet food producers, manufacturers of mixers and mixing equipment, and producers of other powder mixtures such as spice mixtures. The analytical method is increasingly being applied in the food industry – to analyse the homogeneity of candies, for example. MTSE GmbH is now acknowledged in more than 20 European countries. Since 2013, the head office has been located in a new building in Langerwehe, Germany, at the very heart of Europe, where the borders of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands converge.